Formed and fronted by the magical and mystical Guy McKnight of the much revered and critically acclaimed cult favourite; The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster. Created in Liverpool in 2019 the band have won over audiences all over the UK and Europe with their idiosyncratic musical character getting unsuspecting audiences hyped to hysteria with their strangely seductive,noise-rock, synth-pop industrial sound that delivers nothing short of a unique musical experience. Their music is cacophonous and epic, featuring rich textures and melodic hooks that keep listeners captivated and the band have proved themselves stadium worthy in their own right, following their tours with The Sleaford Mods and The Libertines.

The band’s album ‘NEW AGE PARANOIA’ seamlessly wove together stories, beats, guitars & noise in an inspiring collection of kaleidoscopic reflections about right & wrong, dark & light, joy & pain, sin & shame – all at once sobering & yet intoxicatingly dream filled.

The latest single to be released by the band ‘White Wolf’ is a sonic soundscape set to the tones of a vintage Roland organ interjected with an echoing tick tick reverb and gentle strumming guitars before front man Guy’s emotive vocals kick forth into the mix resulting in a dreamy, hypnotic and surreal journey of sound. The accompanying music video echoes this sentiment with the genius production of metamorphosing all of the band members into animated play-doh alter ego characters of their human form. The video shows the band “performing” the track with the background of a television wall depicting cinematic visions of a ballerina dancing before the screen dies – it’s both heavenly and somewhat dark keeping the viewer gripped to conclusion.    

2024 has seen THE DSM IV igniting audiences around the country with their platoon of incendiary songs – an inimitable mix of electronic beats, bona fide rock n roll guitar, & lyrical story telling by lacerating observation. Unforgiving of abuses of power. Unconditional love for life. It seems like the media seeks to desensitise us to the worst in our natures. True Crime sells. Yet liberation is attained through performance & the dynamic exchange of audience & performer. Beyond confining expectations; societal, individual or otherwise.

In summary, The DSM IV are a band who create music with a message that resonates with people who feel that a kinder world is possible. Their songs are emotive and thought-provoking whilst being thoroughly entertaining at the same time.


Watch the official MUSIC VIDEO HERE NOW 



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