PALACE OF THE KING release new single “Down On Your Luck“, a return to the band’s Americana/Blues Rock Roots, out now. 

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Renowned Australian rock band PALACE OF THE KING is back with an electrifying new single titled ‘Down On Your Luck‘. Penned by the talented and prolific duo Tim Henwood and Seany Johnston, the song marks a significant return to the band’s signature Americana/Blues rock sound that fans have come to love. Produced and recorded by Tim Henwood at Medici Studios, and expertly mixed by Ricki Rae at Lighthill Studios, ‘Down On Your Luck’ promises to capture the hearts of both long-time enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

This new release showcases PALACE OF THE KING’s distinct ability to infuse passion, soul, and grit into their music, delivering an unforgettable experience for rock enthusiasts across the globe.

At the core of ‘Down On Your Luck’ is the exceptional musical craftsmanship of PALACE OF THE KING’s stellar lineup. The track features the dynamic Sean Johnston on keyboards and guitars, whose innovative arrangements add a fresh dimension to the band’s sound. Alongside Johnston, Leigh Maden’s prowess on the guitar enriches the song with captivating riffs and melodies that resonate with listeners.
Anthony Licciardi’s driving bass lays the foundation for the song’s infectious groove, while Cameron McGlinchey’s stellar drumming sets an irresistible pace, infusing ‘Down On Your Luck’ with undeniable energy. Notably, Tim Henwood’s remarkable performance on lead vocals and guitar showcases his raw talent and expressive style, taking the listener on an immersive musical journey.

“We are thrilled to present ‘Down On Your Luck‘ to our fans and the world,” says Tim Henwood, frontman of PALACE OF THE KING. “This song is a celebration of our roots in Americana and Blues rock, infused with our collective passion for storytelling through music. We hope it resonates with our audience as much as it did with us during its creation.”

Having earned critical acclaim for their previous releases, PALACE OF THE KING continues to push the boundaries of their genre, exploring new musical territories while staying true to their rock roots. ‘Down On Your Luck‘ stands as a testament to the band’s evolution and ability to captivate audiences with their distinctive sound.

With the upcoming release of ‘Down On Your Luck’, PALACE OF THE KING reiterates their position as one of the most exciting and captivating acts in the contemporary rock scene.

For more information and updates on PALACE OF THE KING and their latest single “DOWN ON YOUR LUCK,” please visit the band’s official website:

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