Looking for something off the beaten track? Let these French Men (and Lady) might help

Freshly signed on the Klonosphere label and distributed by Season of Mist, The Way I Am was born from the meeting of the musical universe of J-War (Composer, Multi-instrumentalist) and Saturne (Singer, Painter).

Intense, Hypersensitive and accessible, their compositions are a blend of British Rock (Muse, Radiohead…), American Alternative Metal (Deftones, Korn, Flyleaf…) and movie music (Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner).

The synergy between J-War’s music and Saturne’s graphics form a true mesmerizing mix. in Spring 2014 : the line up stabilizes with the arrival of Bravic (Guitar) and Kronick (Bass).

The band released their Apocalypse? No Way! record late last year, Check out  a track from it.