The psychedelic rock power trio from Fribourg, Switzerland, Dirty Sound Magnet just released their second album “TRANSGENIC” in October via Hummus Records. The band is now back with a new video “Social Media Girl” and a full European/UK headline tour in winter 2019.

You can watch new video “Social Media Girl” here: https://youtu.be/rphAue0Z2p0

“Social Media Girl” presents the fan yet another dimension of the Dirty Sound Magnet’s kaleidoscopic signwriting craft: a track that displays a complex interaction between all the elements. “Social Media Girl” is a melodic piece, with an almost Arabic feel, in which psychedelic vocals, distorted guitars, and sustained rhythm dance in a perfect balance.

Frontman Stavros comments: “Social Media Girlis the most multi-cultural video you’ll find out there. It features music from Swiss band, English lyrics, some Middle Eastern melodies played on a Greek bouzouki; furthermore it was shot by a Hungarian filmmaker in Italy with a European cast! The song itself has some 50s’ American rockabilly undertones, alongside Dirty Sound Magnet distinctive sound!”

“TRANSGENIC”:Drowned in this world of advanced technology and hyper-consumerism, individuals struggle to discover their inner self or communicate with each other. The album lays out a disturbing view of the present and the near future, with the significance of Social Media, and increasingly alarming ecological issues giving shape to an Orwellian dystopia.

Dirty Sound Magnetis a lifelong pursuit built on a feverish, border-line-religious passion for music and a common set of guiding values and beliefs. Members Stavros Dzodzosz (Guitar, Vocals), Marco Mottolini (Bass) and Maxime Cosandey (Drums), The three state it plainly: “there is no plan B”. Their dedication is unconditional, unequivocal, and unavoidable. Not one of the members has been engaged in any side projects since the band’s formation a decade ago; Dirty Sound Magnetoffers them a musical framework without any boundaries to their creative expression. The band’s DNA can be traced back to the ancestral ‘Golden Age of Rock’ (60s, 70s), but it would be incorrect to think that DSM is…”retro”. The musicians are inspired by contemporary artists and modern production techniques, pushing the boundaries as they see fit.  The results are personal, unique and original. Simply put: the Dirty Sound Magnet experience is a mystical journey back to the future… “TRANSGENIC”.

To celebrate the release of “TRANSGENIC“, Dirty Sound Magnet will embark on a full UK/European tour this winter. Full dates below.

28.11.19 – London (UK) @ The Macbeth
29.11.19 – Coventry (UK) @ The Tin Music and Art
01.12.19 – Chester (UK) @ The Live Rooms
04.12.19 – Glasgow (UK) @ Nice n’ Sleazy
05.12.19 – Edinburgh (UK) @ Whistle Binkies
08.12.19 – Northampton (UK) @ The Lab

1.Organic Sacrifice (extended version only available on vinyl and cd)
3.Rigid Soul
4.Skull Drawing Rose
5.Social Media Girl
7.Social Media Boy
8.Hashtag Love
9.The Death Of Beauty

Stavros Dzodzosz (Guitar, Vocals)
Marco Mottolini (Bass)
Maxime Cosandey (Drums)

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