French blues trio UNCUT have released a lyric video for new single ‘Highway To Cagne’, taken from their debut album, Blue, out now via Klonosphere Records.

Watch the lyric video for ‘Highway To Cagne’ here:

Vocalist / baritone guitarist Alexy Sertillange described  ‘Highway To Cagne’ as “a rock song that stinks of sweat and beer” and entices listeners by asking “do you want to race with the devil?”

UNCUT have deep roots in the origins of American rock. The self-produced band from Poitiers were formed in 2016 by Alexy Sertillange (vocals/baritone guitar), Enzo Alfano (guitar) and Pablo Fathi (drums). Their music is a masterful blend of rock aggression and blues riffs, propelled by wild and stylish drums.

The power of their songs is magnified through the group’s live performances, trapped in a gleaming trance, reminiscent of the golden age of Hendrix‘s sensual rock. The natural son of Deep PurpleClutch and Led ZeppelinUNCUT take you on a trip through the vibrant land of rock music.

Enzo Alfano‘s expressive guitar playing is a language reminiscent of Rory Gallagher‘s euphoric flights of fancy. Pablo Fathi‘s drums are particularly expressive with a lunatic charm. These intertwine with Alexy Sertillange‘s lyrical stories of independence, self-abandonment and resilience.

But where others my rush into the breach for a moment, UNCUT lay the foundations for lasting potential, with the grain of the glory days of the early 70s, combined with the spice of the best memories of 90s rock.

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