Demob Happy arrive in Birmingham on what is the second date of a fifty odd date trek of the UK, Europe, and The United States with a couple of dates in Mexico and Canada all in support of their latest album `Divine Machines`.

Tonight`s ninety-minute set is mainly culled from their recent album but has some older tracks, a standalone single and a brand-new track. There`s little fuss as the band hit the stage and head straight into the searing `Voodoo Science` then the slow burn of `Run Baby Run` both tracks from their third and latest album `Divine Machines`. The trio are fleshed out tonight with the addition of an extra guitarist and a couple of backing vocalists / dancers who were introduced but I couldn`t decipher their names.

There`s a Queens of the Stone Age meets Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats vibe with the delightfully heavy `Mother Machine` and `Token Appreciation Society` has an interesting hypnotic tone and is given an extra depth with the aid of the backing singers. Tracks such as `Super-Fluid`, `Earth Mover`, She’s As Happy As a Man Can Be` and `Muscular Reflex` all off the new album are given a new lease of life live while `Tear It Down` has an edgy feel. I thought that cuts like `Autoportrait` and brand-new track `Sweet & Sour America` a fast-paced blistering listen worked well but the guys seemed to encounter some gremlins along the way especially on what I think it was `Succubus ` where there were issues with instrument failure and maybe forgotten lyrics. The fellas shared that they always seem to confront problems when playing Birmingham and last time singer Matt Marcantonio lost his voice during the gig.

The show was wrapped up with older numbers such as `Loosen It`, and `Less Is More` before closing out on `Be Your Man`. Tonight, had its highs and lows to be honest and maybe playing a ninety-minute set is a little ambitious with so many shows ahead but I suppose that if you`ve three albums out fans want to hear a taster from all. It was only day two so i`m sure that in a few days the guys will have gotten into a groove.

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