Death Valley Dreaming


Members of The Drama Club and An Albatross reunite to form Death Valley Dreams.

DEATH VALLEY DREAMS, the brand new 4 piece indie rock/new wave/neo-psychedelic/post-punk band from the woods of Pennsylvania is set to release their debut EP onJanuary 15th digitally worldwide.  The band consists of long time friends and band-mates Nick Coyle (The Drama Club, Stardog Champion) and Jon Nova (The Drama Club, An Albatross), who recently reunited,  along with other long time friends and band-mates Ryan Dougherty and Matt Rutkoski.

Brought together by their common love for a real and live approach to music. The band, who only formed in the fall of 2015, have already formed a strong bond both personally and musically.   Combing haunting guitar textures, strong melodies, dark and thought provoking lyrics, pulsing groves, and almost nostalgic sounding synth parts.  They have truly created something unique and “alive”.   Collectively they have all played in numerous bands together over the years.  All with hundreds of shows under their belts.  A group of working musicians coming together with a common goal.  To play music they love.

Death Valley Dreams CD

Track Listing:
1.  Words Like Fire
2.  The Darker Years
3.  Turn Out Those Eyes
4.  Take A Look At Yourself

5.  Never Meant For Anyone


Nick Coyle – Vox/Guitar/Keys
Jon Nova – Guitar/Keys/Vox
Ryan Dougherty – Bass/Vox
Matt Rutkoski – Drums/Samples/

Death Valley Dreams Online:

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