Crawl Through Montreal Sewers


Or, put another way, sludge masters return

DOPETHRONE’s new album “Hochelaga”, due out April 13th on Totem Cat Records.

The band are thrilled by it and say: “It’s by far the most powerful and ass-kicking record the legendary sludge trio has ever released, so I hope you’ll dig it as much as we did!”
After three records that made the sludge & doom community bow down in front of such evilness, Canada’s most insane and weed-laden outfit gets back to business with their new album “Hochelaga”. And, say the men behind it: “The riffage is more infectious than ever, atmospheres are nothing but filthy and degenerate, and the overall sound is as monstrous and crushing as a mountain troll crawling into Montréal’s sewers…”
Here’s a video.

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