Third video in series released 

CORNERS OF SANCTUARY (COS) has announced the official release of their latest music video “Tomorrow Never Comes”. The song appears on their current album, Metal Machine, released via Metalizer Records from Germany. The new video is the third installment in the album’s film campaign following last December’s “Left Scarred” and March’s “Wrecking Ball” releases.

Corners of Sanctuary guitarist Mick Michaels has checked in with the following comment: “It has been such a positive experience for us, as a unit and as individuals, to work in a medium that visually creates a new interpretation and perspective to the music. Videos like these offer an artist yet another outlet to present their craft to a wider audience while at the same time elevating the creative prospects for future endeavors”.

“Tomorrow Never Comes,” as with the two previous videos, was produced and directed by Philadelphia-area Indie film-maker Zen Say who stated: “Tomorrow Never Comes” centers on the entire group this time around. The previous films focused primarily on Frankie, at the request of the band, as a way to highlight his role as the front person. But this time we spaced things out,”

When asked of his experience working with the band on three successive projects, ZenSay offered the following, “Having the honor and opportunity to work on a consecutive trilogy of music videos with Corners of Sanctuary has created a unique artistic experience for me and my medium,” he continued. “They bring as much visually to the table as they do musically.”

COS bassist James Pera stated: The video was filmed on various historical outdoor locations within Montgomery County, located in the band’s home state of Pennsylvania, over the course of a two-day guerrilla type shoot setting. Portions of the video were filmed under one of the county’s oldest and tallest arch bridges. “There’s uniqueness to the landscape here in PA… so much history. The energy is inspiring,”

COS vocalist Frankie Cross added: “I simply love the fact that this video is another chapter in the COS Metal Machine book. The song itself is a darker rocker… heavier in substance, reflective and poignant… sometimes dealing with the juxtaposition of choice, fate and consequence. Making this video proved challenging. The desolate, unstable terrain proved to be the right setting, but presented its obstacles such as falling rocks, thorns and thistles, wild beasts, a roaring river, threatening natives… felt like the Road Warrior meets the Hungry Like the Wolf video. For art sake, we persevered. My band of warriors fought the good fight and at the end of the shoot, we patched our wounds, collected our dead and realized history was made!”.

Corners of Sanctuary is currently supporting Metal Machine with the Wrecking Ball Tour including a Midwest US excursion in May, along with performing as part of this summer’s Metal Eternal Fest Tour followed by a US West Coast string of shows in the autumn.

May 28 – Metal Eternal Fest Tour – The Nail – Ardmore, Pennsylvania

June 14 – Kung Fu Necktie Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (With Act of Defiance)

June 21 – The Fire – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (with Tyrant)

July 23rd – Metal Eternal Fest Tour – The Depot – Baltimore, Maryland

July 30th – OpiumFest – The Bar – New Bedford, Maryland

Aug 6th – Metal Eternal Fest Tour – The Oddity Bar, Wilmington, Delaware

Aug 20th – The New Penny – Scranton, PA (with Beyond Fallen)

Sept 9th – Cherry Street Station Wallingford, Connecticut (with Shallow Ground)

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