This Charming One Man Band


The Finnish “one man musical plane crash”

Hailing from Helsinki, Finland Charming Timur is a one man musical planecrash, created by Lauri Santeri Lohi, not limiting to any genres in particular, but mostly focusing on Alternative Metal, Shoegaze and Post-Black Metal. So far Charming Timur has awakened feelings of love, hate and confusion among the people who have heard such a strange project.

For The Duration Of Psychiatric Treatment is like a summer blockbuster movie: loud, flashy, and full of effects. It just grabs you from the start and propels you along on a wave of Metal pyrotechnics.

For The Duration Of Psychiatric Treatment Tracklisting:
01 Flanger Effects And Venlafaxine
02 You Are Next
03 Armed For A Schoolday
04 Fly With Me
05 You Cant Handle This In A-Major
06 Had Enough
07 Close
08 Illness
09 A Human Cell
10 Our Day Is Beautiful

Charming Timur is: 
Lauri Santeri Lohi – All Instruments


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