THE HU are the first Mongolian band ever to take their music into the Metaverse. Throughout the show, fans will experience a virtual world created by METAFORCE that highlights THE HU’s home country of Mongolia, including the band’s signature style of hunnu rock which uses traditional instrumentation, throat singing and singing entirely in the Mongolian language. Alongside the concert itself, viewers will also be able to access an interactive game as well as a detailed 2D storyline.

We would love to invite you to preview their Metaverse world – you can take a look around the virtual environment, experience the game and some of the avatars that will be available. Even though the concert itself cannot be viewed until the live performance on 30th March, this is a great opportunity to see what The HU have created for their fans before anyone else.

For the concert, fans can choose and customise their avatar, playing as a member of THE HU’s band (avatars are highly detailed and accurately represent their unique style and performance), soldiers of the Wolf Totem army, or other characters with the Mongolian traditional outfit Deel.  Players can interact with each other and the band members, dance to the music, and even fight along with the band members in battle.

Band leader Gala says:

“The digital world is a crucial outlet for us to express our music and technology continues to be an essential part of our daily lives, so we are so excited to be moving one step closer to you, our fans. On March 30, everyone will be able to chime in from around the globe and see our performance through their screen. We have avatars and storyline that relates to our music history which were custom made only for The HU and we are proud to present the digital version of our famous energetic performance!”

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