With the current Coronavirus situation throughout the world, CATS IN SPACE are releasing their anthemic rock song ‘THIS IS LONDON’ in support of the NHS and the amazing work they are doing on our behalf. The song was originally released on the ‘My Kind Of Christmas’ CD last year, but now the band are launching the tune along with ‘IF I WERE YOU’ on digital platform ‘Spotify’ for the first time.

To run alongside this will be a limited ‘fans edition’ exclusive CD featuring both songs, of which a percentage of the sales will go direct to the NHS via their website.

“We feel ‘This is London’ is a very appropriate song at this current unique time in our lives. It is lyrically very uplifting and hopefully the song shines as bright as those people on the frontline right now.
Helping our amazing National Health Service right now in any small way financially, is the very least we can do for such an incredible organisation who put their lives at risk every single day. We salute every one of them.
It will also keep the digital fans happy whilst we beaver away on the next album which will appear later this year”  – Greg Hart

We only hope that once we all come out of this situation, a better more alert, more appreciative and more loving world will emerge.

As the band remain in lockdown in the studio, they are promising once more the next album will be yet another monstrous affair, and they have said as ever, in fine tradition …
” Always expect the unexpected – we will see you all in Atlantis!”