Osaka, Japan’s Crossfaith have let loose the music video for ‘None Of Your Business‘.

The band have described ‘None Of Your Business’ as anthem for shutting up unwanted voices and opinions in your life, spitting straight up anger towards meddling, jealous and interfering people. With an appearance from Japanese rapper Jin Dogg on a verse and in the video, Crossfaith continue to demonstrate their brilliant ability to cross hardcore over into other worlds.

On the new music video, Crossfaith vocalist Ken Koie explains:

“We don’t need what we don’t need and we don’t need people yelping like a little kid. It’s not just anger, I’m tired of it. We made this video with Japan’s finest creative team, THINGS, and it features a great performance from our best friend Jake AKA Jin Dogg. Go feel it and unleash yourself with MADNESS.”

It comes after the release of their brand new SPECIES EP in May which featured sweltering singles like ‘Endorphin‘ and ‘Digital Parasite‘.

“Playing heavy music is how I feel alive. We want Crossfaith to be the band making music that no one has ever heard before.” And from the opening battle cry of ‘Digital Parasite’ through the unifying anthem of ‘Truth of Insanity’ to ‘Your Song’s glitching sorrow, their ‘SPECIES EP’ sees them breaking new ground.

The industrial rave of ‘Endorphin’ is about finding yourself in a world that makes you doubt everything and champions the idea of facing those questions head on while ‘Truth of Insanity’ is a call to arms. “In Japan, there are so many contradictions from the government. There will always be a minority of people who only think about themselves but we can fight. We can think. This song is a trigger to start a war against the world of contradiction.” 

Crossfaith have a history of working with their peers, Enter ShikariBeartooth and Ho99o9 have all appeared on previous releases, but there are more new adventures to be had on ‘SPECIES EP’. ‘None of Your Business’ sees them team up with Jin Dogg, a rapper from their hometown of Osaka for an explosion meeting of minds. “That song’s about straight up anger. So many people are fuelled by jealousy and I know the most important thing is to push forward but those people bother me, so this song is about telling them to shut their fucking mouth. It’s very straight forward,” he grins. “Plus you can learn Japanese from Jin Dogg’s verse.”

The closing track on the EP is ‘Your Song’. No, not an Elton John cover but “the most emotional Crossfaith song of all time. It’s about the emptiness and sorrow of a time that will not return,” whether that’s death or the loss of a friendship or a lover. “It’s about farewell. I feel sadness but those emotions make me strong and teach me to not take things for granted. It’s not a ballad but it is a very beautiful song. I think people will be surprised by it.”

And surprising people is exactly what Crossfaith want to do, even after eleven years of making music. “That’s the main role of the band,” promises Ken. “I hope,” he continues before deciding on a more forceful word, “Actually, I believe this EP will set the course for the band for the next ten years. We’ve already started making more new music. We’re not going to stop.” 

1. Digital Parasite
2. Endorphin
3. Truth Of Insanity
4. None Of Your Business (feat. Jin Dogg)
5. Your Song