The first of three awe-inspiring headliners, Finland’s folk metal clan Korpiklaani will lead the Nordic charge on the east coast of England for Hammerfest XII – bringing their oath-sworn warriors to Great Yarmouth for what will be a triumphant set full of mythology legend and vodka-soaked Finnish metal.

There is no chance of a frosty reception as we raise our shields for one of the most respected names in metal – Triptykon. The Swiss gothic metallers, the third project following in the gargantuan wake of Celtic Frost and Hellhammer, pay a rare visit to the UK for Hammerfest XII.

From the spiritual home of metal march brummies Napalm Death – anyone not taking up arms with the purveyors of extreme death metal will be fed to the wolves of Great Yarmouth. 30 years of raised fists, chaos and blood-letting will be unleashed upon Hammerfest in 2020.

Joining headliners Korpiklaani, Triptykon amd Napalm Death are one of the pioneers of thrash metal – Venom Inc. Cronos commands the northern assault by one of the longest standing bands of their era as they welcome us all to Hell. Sweden’s Grimner will serve up an intoxicating blend of folk and aggressive metal, while Ignea from Ukraine provide a feast of progressive symphonic metal to please the Hammerfest hordes.

Providing Hammerfest XII with an unhealthy dose of caveman battle doom are Conan from the northwest of England. Melodic metal merchants Power Quest hail from the south coast, and the thrash metallers Lawnmower Deth from Nottingham will ask us all to try Satan’s Tampoline…

Two veterans of the HRH Vikings battle – Haerken pack their battle sacks full of death metal for their march from Birmingham – and Pythia bring their mix of classical gothic metal to make their pilgrimage from London.

If that isn’t enough of a battle-cry for Hammerfest XII then let these battle hardened mercenaries carry you on their mighty shoulders to Great Yarmouth : Red Rum – Monument – Footprints in the Custard – Pist – Asphodelia – Metalite – aAnd? – Lord Vapour – Hair Of The Dog – Doomicidal – Green Lung – Barbarian Hermit – Morti Viventi – Wretched Soul – The Dark Horse – The Prophecy – Beyond Grace – Foetal Juice – Reprisal – Monochrome – Bast – Mastiff – Stormbringer – Dethonator – Wolfbastard and Burial.

We’ve put this out now as we’re well on our way for a Saturday / Sunday Sell out. It’s what the Hammerfest faithful voted for and we had it booked well in advance, so why the hell not!

It’s one of the world’s best metal community affairs, which we cannot wait to share with you. Only 4 Royalty and 17 VIP held back and Classic is 72% gone. To grab one of the last rooms, either book online @, get yourself down to the box office in reception, call Holly on 0207 193 1845 or live chat via our website.

This is it!