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Jaret’s new movie podcast is out now

Singer, actor and voice over artist Jaret Reddick, best known for his position as frontman for the grammy nominated pop punk group Bowling For Soup, as well as being the voice of US restaurant chain Chuck E Cheese’s mascot, is delighted to share news of his latest project – Jaret Goes To The Movies!

Jaret Goes To The Movies (or #JaretGoesToTheMovies for the world of social media) is a brand new podcast where Jaret and his longtime friend Rich pick a single film for discussion every week. Along the way (and in true Jaret style, there are likely to be some highly entertaining tangents), they’ll discuss exactly what it is that makes that film special to them – or not as the case may be!

Here’s what the man himself had to say about his new venture:

“Basically, #jaretgoestothemovies is a podcast…ME and my friend Rich watch a movie that is classic to us…Or to one of us….We drink beers and talk about the movie! 

That’s it!
We discuss the opening scene, the cast, memories the movie brings, trivia, special effects…Basically, EVERYTHING…
We aren’t reviewers…Just dudes that like movies!”

The first two episodes of Jaret Goes To The Movies are now available from the podcast’s official website Episode One features a look at Back To The Future (in keeping with the recent anniversary) while Episode Two focuses on National Lampoon’s Vacation.

The Jaret Goes To The Movies podcast also have their own social media accounts – for Facebook and @JaretMovieson Twitter.

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