Death metal band go to where the evil happens!

When Death Metal bands hook up with Los Angeles’ Gore House Records, good things usually happen. It usually involves a musical product consisting of a lethal and catchy combination of gore, slam, death, and grind. BLOODSCRIBE’S “Prologue To The Apocalypse” is no exception.

“Prologue To The Apocalypse” works as a complete experience, each song enjoyable with not a torrid, riff-drenched second wasted. Textured riff work is omnipresent; big, meaty chunks and bloody shards are present at every treacherous turn. BLOODSCRIBE may not knock the legends from their lofty pedestals, but the quartet can certainly hold its own. The mutant music of “Prologue To The Apocalypse” is not something that is learned. It is conjured from the soul and shot out through the eye sockets. This is a hungry new band out to blacken hearts and minds with their dark, swirling, catchy, sinister Death Metal, and with “Prologue To The Apocalypse” they’re off to a helluva start. Featuring album art by Indonesian illustrator Mondo Borneo, Prologue to the Apocalypse was recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Garcia at the Morgue Music Studio (Stages of Decomposition) in Los Angeles CA.

Prologue To The Apocalypse Tracklisting:
1. Into 
2. Pantheon Of Lies 
3. Enslaved By Deceptions 
4. Burning Bridges 
5. Demons 
6. Annihilation 
7. Kingdoms Fall 
8. Shadows 
9. Castrating Humanity 
10. In Ruins

Prologue to the Apocalypse is set for release 2/9/15 UK and 2/10/15 in the U.S. via Gore House Productions as CD and Digital

Bloodscribe is:
Jasan (Vocals)
Mikey (Guitars)
Joseph (Guitars)
Dennis (Bass)
Jesse (Drums)