On June 20th @ 21:22 BST, marking summer solstice, a special digital deluxe version of Sleep Token’s debut album, Sundowning, was made available with 4 additional tracks.

Offered without prior warning, this extended release features starkly beautiful piano performances of both Whitney Houston – ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ & Billie Eilish – ‘When The Party’s Over’, in addition to a haunting version of album fan favourite, ‘Blood Sport’ and new original, ‘Shelter’.

Watch the new video clip for ‘Blood Sport (From The Room Below)’ here:


1         The Night Does Not Belong To God

2            The Offering

3          Levitate

4          Dark Signs

5          Higher

6          Take Aim

7          Give

8          Gods

9          Sugar

10        Say That You Will

11        Drag Me Under

12        Blood Sport

Bonus Tracks:

13        Blood Sport (from The Room Below)

14        Shelter (from The Room Below)

15        When the Party’s Over (from The Room Below)

16        I Wanna Dance With Somebody (from The Room Below)

Listen now, here:

An inverted version of the official Sundowning artwork accompanies the new digital deluxe version;

Sleep Token’s unique dark star is spectacularly on the rise, and it’s an ascent achieved against the grain…

Over EPs ‘One’ & ‘Two’ plus debut full-length, ‘Sundowning’, issued in 2019 under a new worldwide deal with Spinefarm Records, Sleep Token has turned established means of practice upside-down, forging a fresh path based on intrigue, emotive, genre-defying compositions plus an unbreakable bond with fans – self-styled ‘worshippers’ – around the world.

From June 2019 onwards, the 12 tracks that make up ‘Sundowning’ were issued digitally in a precisely-timed sequence supported by bespoke visuals leading to a full physical release in November. This tailored unveiling reflected both the ‘Sundowning’ concept (ie. the relationship between natural forces and the human psyche), plus the fact that at the heart of Sleep Token world, an ever-evolving domain, stands the unique, broad-based vision of a single entity – anonymous, silent, masked, armed with a staggering vocal range, a deft touch on the keyboards plus a live approach that is never less than fully engaged; a powerful upfront presence flanked by a collection of live musicians (also anonymous, also masked) who will likely shift in number and intent, contributing according to the demands of the music.

The idea here is not to baffle or to shock, rather to keep the spotlight on a fast-growing body of music that runs the full creative span, seamlessly veering from the heavy and the technical to the beautiful and the fragile, the weight of real emotion knotting everything together.

Not only did ‘Sundowning’ receive widespread praise from followers, peers and critics, it also supported a live campaign that saw Sleep Token appearing at key international festivals, touring the US for the first time, making high-profile guest appearances, and becoming a true headliner in the UK, quickly selling out shows, upgrading to bigger venues, then selling those out, too.

Simply, in a world of form and genre, Sleep Token cannot be confined.

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