Anthony Assaker, guitarist and songwriter of Lebanese breakthrough metal bands Kaoteon and Death Tribe, has released a politically-charged solo acoustic song, ‘Who’s To Blame’. Highlighting issues such as discrimination, racism and social injustice in the world, an unlisted version of the song went viral within the Middle-Eastern community during the US election, racking up over 70k plays.

The video was filmed in Amsterdam, where Anthony now resides. Now officially released, watch ‘Who’s To Blame’ here:

Anthony comments on ‘Who’s To Blame’: “This is not just a music track but rather a shout out to everyone listening to stop for a second and think about important topics like discrimination, racism prejudice and social injustice that we have created over centuries and they are blinding us in our day-to-day lives. I have been playing guitars since I was of young age with the earliest memory from 1992. Only two years after we were allowed to go out from the bomb shelters of Beirut and back home. Forward 30 years from the end of the civil war, Lebanon is still in ruins. I came to the conclusion it is not easy to be Lebanese. Sometimes it feels like cancer, sometimes it is a blessing, but most definitely it is a very hard job! This is not limited to this war torn, politically corrupt and religiously segregated country. Any form of prejudice comes heavy, many nations have it worse, many races are discriminated, many cultures are framed. In 2020, I felt the need to record a track (I never sang and maybe I shouldn’t) that I can pass on to others in the hope that I could inspire them to accept the other without judgement. To give hope to those who are still oppressed in many parts of the world, to women, to black lives, to the LGBTQ+ communities. Scientifically, we are all equal, we are one race, the human race, our blood is one colour, our planet is the same. Our differences make us beautiful and stronger. Open up, ask questions and make apologetic mistakes without judgement, Every single journey is beautiful and we have to make sure that we provide equal opportunities to everyone.”

On the track’s unexpected attention over the US elections, Anthony continues:

“I composed this track and worked on the music video during the US presidential elections especially after a crazy 2020. It was really surprising to see the track gaining a lot of attention while being unlisted as I shared it with friends, cousins and expats in the US who shared it with their connections. In a way, I feel that this track has played a role in the US awakening in one way or another, even if it touched one soul or inspired one person. This is why I do music in the first place. To have a voice for the voiceless.”

Anthony Assaker has a busy year ahead of him, with more acoustic tracks in the pipeline, as well as Death Tribe and Kaoteon albums in the works. More news soon.

Stream ‘Who’s To Blame’ here:

Anthony Assaker online:

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