The two hour playlist of what Andy loved this year

As is traditional, I end this year, with a simple one. This is a list of the songs I loved this year made into a two-hour playlist that I hope flows well, with a decent beginning and end.

As always, there are some things that I loved that don’t make the list (its hard to chuck a year of music into a two hour package). There are some big bands, some smaller and a couple of bands that submitted their CD’s to MV (see we do listen to them!)

Some of my absolute favourite artists are here and it ends with the best track from the best album of the year.

Enjoy! And thanks for reading this year.


The Road To Damascus Street Ricky Warwick   When Patsy Cline Was Crazy (And Guy Mitchell Sang The Blues)
99% Bad Touch   Truth Be Told
Reaper’s Danse Scorpion Child   Acid Roulette
Breathing Lightning Anthrax   For All Kings
Easy Money Crobot   Welcome To Fat City
Draconian Love Avantasia   Ghostlights
Beaver Creek Mansion The Kentucky Headhunters   On Safari
Mountain Climbing Joe Bonamassa   Blues Of Desperation
Little Boy Preacher Blues Pills   Lady In Gold
Waiting for the Thunder Blackberry Smoke   Like an Arrow
The Electric Company The Bonnevilles   Arrow Pierce My Heart
Get off the Boo Hoo Train Imperial State Electric   All Through The Night
Heavy Glenn Hughes   Resonate
Where You Are Going To Robin Trower   Where You Are Going To

Perfect hey hello   Too
Aunt Hazel Sari Schorr   A Force Of Nature
Roll The Dice Again Steve Nimmo   Sky Won’t Fall
Nashville Line King Of The Tramps   Cumplir con el Diablo
Three Bulliets The Temperance Movement   White Bear
Redeemer Eyes Of The Raven   Seasons End
High Flying Gypsy Inglorious   Inglorious
Into Dust The Virginmarys   Divides
Do You Ginger Wildheart   The Year Of The Fanclub
Let’s Bounce SUPERSUCKERS   Holdin’ The Bag
Seal The Deal Volbeat   Seal The Deal & Let’s Boogie CD 1
Mud Whiskey Myers   Mud
Twisted Love The Quireboys   Twisted Love