A new Focus era has arrived and, with it, a rejuvenated passion amongst the band. In 2019 Focus released their first studio album for 6 years, Focus 11, which came complete with brand new Roger Dean artwork. The year was then spent touring from South America to Japan and everywhere in between in support of the new album. 

With the dawn of 2020 came the 50th anniversary of the formation of Focus. Unfortunately, celebrations had to be put on hold due to global events. 2021 brought the 50th anniversary of Moving Waves, as well as the deluxe boxset Focus50 featuring Blu-ray and CD of the Live In Rio concert as well as a studio rerecord of all the Focus numbers.   

Finally, 2022 means a return to touring in a real way, and the band are delighted to be performing again! The timeless classics are still featuring in Hollywood blockbusters: Hocus Pocus has been featured in a global ad campaign for Nike, Top Gear and feature films such as Baby Driver, while Sylvia, and House Of The King will, of course, be on the bill… and of course some of the Focus numbers will make an appearance! 

The band, consists of Thijs van Leer (Hammond organ, flute and vocals) and Pierre van der Linden (drums), who are delighted to still be performing 50 years on, together with Menno Gootjes (guitar) and Udo Pannekeet (bass) who are among the cream of Dutch musicians and grew up with the genius of Focus. Together, they are excited to be getting back to their fans and returning to the stage to play the music they love with the energy and passion of a teenage band!!!!. 

The band has toured extensively in the UK and Europe, including some great festivals, 

and now have the following UK dates confirmed: 

Tuesday 22 November Chiselhurst The Beaverwood  

Wednesday 23 November Southampton The 1865  

Thursday 24 November Wolverhampton Robin 2  

Friday 25 November Falmouth Princes Pavilion  

Saturday 26 November Lewes Conservative Club 

Sunday 27 November Grimsby Yardbirds  

Tuesday 29 November Kinross Green Hotel  

Wednesday 30 November Kinross Green Hotel  

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Thijs van Leer – Hammond organ, flute, and vocals[Text Wrapping Break]Pierre van der Linden – drums[Text Wrapping Break]Menno Gootjes – guitar[Text Wrapping Break]Udo Pannekeet – bass