Sepsiss are mobilising their fanbase, the self-named Sepsiss Zombies, to spread the word about their new EP Badd Blood. The female-fronted metal band from Manchester, New Hampshire has been wowing crowds across their home state since 2011 and is now looking to infect eyes, ears and minds around the world. Bound to cause controversy with their embracing of both the worlds of metal and porn, if you’re looking for acoustic ballads, the door’s that way.

Talking about her dual career, Melissa says:
“Being in adult entertainment and metal gives me a chance to be as dominant as the boys”

Heavy metal and adult work is my strong suit, so I write from a strong, sexual, female-dominant position

Singing about the industry and lifestyle makes it easier for people to accept my adult work and my adult work makes my content and lyrics real” 

Founded by vocalist and adult model, Melissa Wolfe and guitarist William Savant, their latest single sees them showcasing Melissa’s stunningly powerful voice with a pounding rhythms section of the delirious chug and tyre screech of guitars. Looking back to rock heroes like Heart and more recent bands such as Evanescence, Sepsiss are helping to confirm that female-fronted metal bands offer some of the most powerful, intriguing and diverse sounds in the genre.

Sepsiss are Melissa Wolfe (vocals); Cam Loud (guitars); Mr Goodbarz(technology/keys); Robbert Pann (drums) and William Savant (vocals/guitars). They have established an army of fans with their gigs across the Boston area, playing uncompromising metal with an equally acerbic dose of urban electronics. Sepsiss are proving that once again, metal is one of the most open genres in music, with not only Melissa leading from the front but with the rest of the band hailing from African-American/European backgrounds and with experience in wildly different musical fields, leading to their often danceable, urban twists to their tracks. This is no pub band – their exacting studio standards expand to the live experience with bespoke lighting, wild costumes, choreography and dazzling effects.

Whether it’s playing a charity gig in a Walmart carpark (you read that correctly), creating their own merchandise or manning online Halo communities, Sepsiss are a band you can’t help but want to get to know. Eyes of Empathy is your perfect introduction to the band: almost operatic washes of synth, Melissa’s crystalline vocals, William’s unearthly roar and pummelling bass and drums, it’s like eating the entire Sepsiss menu in one go. Their EP is mixed by Glen Robinson (AnnihilatorGWARQueensrÿche).


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