Wounded Cross return with new single ‘Monument Of Bones’

A triumphant return for Rugby Metallers, Wounded Cross, who return with their environmentally charged single ‘Monument Of Bones’. The single is a statement of intent and is a new beginning, a new style, a new sound, and a fresh take on whatever genre you choose to call it. ‘Monument Of Bones’ is heavy, powerful, and a new direction for the band.

‘Monument Of Bones’ focuses on climate change, it asks the question. What will be left of the earth if we continue down the path we are on? ‘Monument of Bones’ is the first single from a full length album that will be released in 2024. The band recorded the song in a home studio, aside from the vocals that were recorded by Stubn, the band’s bass player.

Originally being known as a four piece, Wounded Cross Mark 2 is Tom Love on Guitar, Graham Orion Pax on Vocals and Stubn on Bass.

Formed in 2014 originally, Wounded Cross were four friends who wanted to do something new and different but couldn’t ever really decide on a style. Therefore rather than fitting the mold, they decided to work on music they enjoyed playing. The band came to a sudden end in 2017 as their lives went in different directions.

The band have previously released an EP ‘Bonecrusher’ in 2015 and a full length album ‘Our Future Is Dead’ in 2020. However they have decided with their next release to focus on perfecting their sound as the band feel it wasn’t a perfect representation of them. In 2023, the band reformed with a brand new lineup, two original members and an old friend of the band who is a mystery and will only be known as Stubn. The band have said: “We have previously been known as Groovy Stoner, Thrash, Doom Metal. However Mark 2 is different. We have focus, a purpose, we’re still genre twisting, aiming for a new direction and we are back to kick some ass and blow minds.”

‘Monument Of Bones’ was written by Wounded Cross, but was recorded and produced by the bands bass player Stubn who also created the artwork.

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