Brit dirty rock trio, WE THE NORTH, have the sound and message to awaken you from any slumber. Perpetually loud, sometimes chaotic, constantly honest, and above all truly captivating, the Northern noisemakers have delivered their potent new single, Where Is Your God?, out now.

Hitting you from the Greater Manchester area, WE THE NORTH were born in 2017, and were initially blighted by personnel changes before settling on their now stable line-up consisting of: Josh Owens-Tomlinson – Lead Vocals and Bass, Danny Smithson – Guitar, and Ryan Corcoran – Drums. The pandemic further halted their progress, as it did for many artists, but the gritty rock crew took the opportunity to re-group and focus their attention on writing and revitalising their live show. The industrious crew soon successfully released two singles, She’s a Dream and In a World of my Own. Live shows are now also on the horizon, along with the release of their explosive new single, Where Is Your God?

Where Is Your God? is a heady slab of jagged riffery set against a stabby anthemic refrain. Vocalist Joshua Owens-Tomlinson remarks about the track’s origins: “Danny had delivered us an amazing Muse-styled hook of a guitar line, and I went home from hearing this to find out the Manchester Arena had been bombed. There was this community of tattoo artists coming together and offering £50 tattoos of the Manchester bee with all the money going to a charity that will help the victims and their families. After getting mine, I was walking through Manchester and I saw a man holding a sign and preaching the word of god. The sign read “tattoos for the 22 will send you to hell”. I started to wonder what religion was actually doing to help. Which led me to the question, where was god to stop this?”

With a series of live appearances in the pipeline for the latter half of 2021 and into 2022, WE THE NORTH have arrived.