Founded in Vienna, Austria during 2014 and with four EP releases and four studio albums already behind them, instrumental progressive metal outfit Their Dogs Were Astronauts are proud to present their latest studio album, ‘Dreamcatcher’.

Composed of a duo of charismatic brothers, Denis and Leonard Roth are known for merging groove-laden prog with flavours of electronic, citing influences across the genres of classical, jazz and fusion to prominent modern acts such as Animals As Leaders, TesseracT and Periphery.

The aptly titled ‘Dreamcatcher’ offers a diverse spectrum of instrumental progressive music. The album title, artwork and theme of this latest release were inspired by a mysterious blend of all things magical, eerie and ethereal. Observing their creation, the two brothers found themselves positively transported to a sort of “Dreamland”, in which fairy-tale characters live, mysterious, foreign sounds can be heard and one could almost feel themselves being lured into a deep, magical forest of intrigue. Thus, “Dreamcatcher” gathers all emotions and dreams felt as the listener embarks on an epic journey as it unfolds thoughout the album’s duration.

Offering a wide range of progressive metal elements, Their Dogs Were Astronauts weave heavy riffs, catchy hooklines and solos into threads of rhythmic abnormalities and electronic elements. in ‘Dreamcatcher’, songs like ‘Pinocchio’ and ‘Fata Morgana’ experiment and enchant with weird, almost catastrophic ideas, while ‘Abracadabra’ and ‘Wildfire’ besiege with intense and riff-laden bombardment, with the latter (the final fanfare of ‘Dreamcatcher’) serving almost to awaken the listener from the dreamscape they have travelled thus far.

The band comments:

“‘Dreamcatcher’ is about surrealism, and the various things you could encounter in your personal dreamland. This album combines both of our our fantasies, and the ideas that were stuck in our heads at the time. This really breathes life and personality into the 12 songs of the record, and we think this is the most personal album we’ve released to date.”

“We loved the time spent together as brothers during the writing process doing what we love most, we therefore really dig it. There aren’t many bands that are bonded by blood as well as musicianship, but this has really helped with the whole process and seen us bond even further as family. Of course, the album contains all the heavy riffs, catchy melodies and electronic influences that you may have come to expect from us, so we hope you enjoy diving into it!”

‘Dreamcatcher’ is available to preorder now via this link, and will release in full on 6th February 2020.