Peruvian instrumental prog band STRINGLIGHT have released a video for their latest single ‘Infinite’, that shows the uncanny journey of a girl that suddenly awakes in the woods. The track follows the band’s 2017 debut EP SEVEN and is the first taste of their forthcoming record, showcasing a more focused and powerful sound.

Check out the video for ‘Infinite’ here:

STRINGLIGHT combine an energetic mix of rock, pop, metal, djent and jazz which sets out to offer their audience a distinctive way of listening to music, where the instruments take a leading role in allowing listeners to navigate into different atmospheres and emotions.

Formed in Lima, Peru in 2016, STRINGLIGHT‘s journey began when guitarists Marco Deustua and Carlos Bozzo came together to write, levitating towards a sound that fit within the prog-metal genre. Later joined by bassist Juan Manuel Tantalean and drummer Leizer Dunayevich, these ideas came to life and and the four-piece have come to define their unique sound.

Since their inception, STRINGLIGHT have shared stages with JinjerMonuments and Caligula’s Horse. The band will release a new single next month to conclude 2019, with plans to release their new album and tour across Mexico in 2020.

Marco Deustua – Guitar
Carlos Bozzo – Guitar
Leizer Dunayevich – Drums
Juan Manuel Tantalean – Bass

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