Eager to enter into the new decade with a fresh sense of purpose, French instrumental post-djent quartet STÖMB have released details of their forthcoming second full-length album, ‘From Nihil’, out on 31st January.


Lifting the veil on the follow-up to their 2015 debut album ‘The Grey’, Stömb’s progressive and atmospheric post-djent sound returns with ‘From Nihil’, which the band confirm to be a conceptual album centred around themes of “cosmic chaos, nothingness and the insignificance of man within the universe”.

Accompanying the announcement of the quartet’s upcoming studio album is ‘Ephemeral’, a brand new video single that serves as the opening teaser for ‘From Nihil’. The video is currently premiering over at Heavy Blog Is Heavy who describe the music as high octane instrumental, progressive metalcore in the style of Night Verses.”

Focusing on the passage of time – both visually and conceptually – and carrying a sonic cocktail of psychedelic and ethereal atmospheres of post-rock painted confidently with the groove and heaviness of djent and modern metal, ‘Ephemeral’ was written as Stömb contemplated the relative notion of time and space, the concepts of creation and deconstruction and the eternal, inescapable cycle of life and death. The accompanying video was produced by Disallow Production and directed by Tom Bonetto.


On their latest video single release, the band comment:

“We are incredibly excited to unveil the first piece of our album ‘From Nihil’. This track is a perfect start for us to draw people into the album’s conceptual story, and the accompanying video marks a very important graphic identity for us. It’s all been made in real life, all the shots are direct special effects, with no 3D images, and it fits the concept of ‘Ephemeral’ perfectly. We hope you enjoy your first taste of our forthcoming album!”

Stömb will release ‘From Nihil’ on 31st January 2020 – preorders of the album can be made via BandCamp. Follow the band on social media via FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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