Ragged Tiger are a hard and heavy two-piece that combine hard rock, heavy rhythms and grungy blues to create a sound far bigger than their numbers would suggest. Drawing influence from across the decades, the duo are hoping that their sound will convince people to move away from the preconceived ideas and nostalgia associated with Manchester and prove that it’s not a city happy to rest on its laurels, and their new single ‘Rebecca’ is perfect proof of the fact.

Four minutes of heavy, driving grunge, the track is as ambiguous in its narrative as it is heavy-hitting, a familiar trait that runs through much of Ragged Tiger’s previous offerings. A short amalgamation of different stories and riffs, it plays out like an anthology, one whose listeners are encouraged to  find their own meanings.

The single provides an enigmatic listen from beginning to end but drummer Jimmy highly
favours the beginning, ‘When Taylor first comes in with the riff, I think with the effect he has
on the guitar and the sheer intensity of the sound grabs your attention and gets you ready for a loud and heavy song that gets you pumped’.

‘Rebecca’ is a contender for one of Ragged Tigers most interesting and entertaining releases yet, with its ferocious guitar riffs and scathing lyricism. It embodies some of the very best elements of alternative music and breaks away from the stale and predictable Manchester indie.

Ragged Tiger are:

  • Taylor Fisher – Guitar/vocals  
  • Jimmy Day – Drums/sex appeal

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