Chicago-based rock band, Press A, just released their single and music video for “Carcosa Shore,” off their upcoming debut album, titled Press A out on September 24th. “Lyrically, ‘Carcosa Shore’ is a reference to season one of the epic Nic Pizzolatto HBO show, True Detective, starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson,” says director Melanie Ramsay Murphy of Clustercuss Entertainment. “I was inspired by the show’s themes of spiritual death and subsequent rebirth, as well as the skillful use of outdoor locations. Along with cinematographer Matt Berling, we sourced iconic scenery on the southwest side of Chicago, as well as built sets with heavy nods to the original episodes.” The new album is the culmination of a collective lifetime of family bonds, creative regrets, you-should-have-been-there tales of past glory, and tributes to their musical inspirations. Best described as referential rock, their sound is a sonic smorgasbord of all their favorite movies, video games, and other pop culture items that they wasted their youth obsessing over.

Press A is Jim Gainer (Lead guitar/Vocals), Colin Gainer (Drums/Programming), Matt Gainer (Bass), and Erik Gainer (Guitar). They have respectively played in bands such as The Wires, DethWarrant, The Studs, and Atomic Dog. They’ve been collectively playing music together, in bands and at family parties, for literally as long as they can remember.

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