Glasgow four-piece NOISE have announced their debut 6-track EP, NOT UNTIL TOMORROW NIGHT, will be released on 22 September and have revealed the video for the lead track and live favourite VICTOR.

Watch the video for VICTOR here:

NOISE have been nurturing their reputation as one of the most exhilarating and most talked about emerging bands in Scotland for some time now. Their headline dates are packed to the rafters with people traveling from all corners of the country and the songs they’ve so far teased online have served to build an almost wild anticipation for this debut release.

Listening to Victor explains why. The lead track from the EP begins with a soft drum beat and a guitar line that must have been made in heaven before progressing into 3:36 minutes of explosive energy with unexpected and thrilling time changes. It’s quite a statement to open with. It’s also the latest example of the literary references that cleverly inspire their songs.

Our debut EP explores the link between nostalgia and the present,” explain the band. “These themes are woven into retellings of classic novels such as Frankenstein and The Picture of Dorian Gray with a modern twist. The songs perfectly represent our musical ideals and we’re immensely proud of them.”

Pre-save the EP here:


  • Victor
  • One Year
  • Take Me (Back To)
  • One Day At A Time (Part 1)
  • Waltz
  • One Day At A Time (Part 2)

NOISE are a four piece who have known each other for over a decade, started by two brothers who taught each other to play guitar and drums from the ages of five and six.

Luke is the rhythm guitarist and singer, an enigmatic presence shrouded in mystery whose songwriting perpetually captivates audiences. His brother, drummer Evan, is the thunderous heartbeat behind the music and, with Luke, together they form a formidable duo. Bassist Robbie is the spiritual backbone of the band, a Religious Education teacher by day, drawing from his degree in philosophy and aided by his pilgrimages throughout India and the East, whose unique perspective on life, music and teaching help shape the band. Lead guitarist Ghassan, born in Lebanon and raised from the age of two in Scotland, channels his rich cultural heritage to infuse the band with an informed blend of passion, virtuoisity and, it can’t be ignored, his mesmerising guitar solos.

Their varied cultural references and the deep bonds fostered between them set NOISE apart from the norm. Put simply, they’re not just four blokes who met in the pub.

The NOT UNTIL TOMORROW NIGHT EP will be accompanied by several Scottish dates to be announced soon, including an EP launch night in Glasgow. The dates may be restricted to their homeland for now, but the day when they stretch beyond Scotland is coming soon.

NOISE are:

  • Luke Doleman – vocals and guitar
  • Robbie Duncan – bass
  • Ghassan Junior Khawli – guitar
  • Evan Doleman – drums





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