Just two months from the end of the decade, brand new rock band Jet Jaguar comes bursting through the gates like hell on wheels. With the previous vocalist of Standby Records’ Hang Tight Pete Zengerle as their energy-filled frontman, their first music video for catchy, fun single “Anvil” tackles feeling crushed by life’s everyday trials in a super-charged fashion.

The Jersey four-piece came together from their common love of rock n’ roll from Motörhead to Guns N’ Roses, mixed in with punk inspirations like Blink-182 to create an electric sound heard in today’s single “Anvil”. Besides their music interests, Pete Zengerle (vocals/guitar), Chris Hetz (vocals/bass), Nicky Fechtmuller (lead guitar), and Pete Beningo (drums) all came together under the desire to be a part of a strong collaboration, where each member contributes equally across the board.

“‘Anvil’ is the result of a lifetime of being used and the feeling of never having someone truly on your side. You are past the point of heartbreak to the point where it has become normal to you. You are content with the loneliness and will not open up for anyone just for the sake of temporary comfortability. It’s not that you feel like your heart has been ripped out, but as if the weight of the world went from the lump in your throat and fell down into your chest and crushed every feeling you could possibly have.”
– Pete Zengerle