Coming at you from the heart of England, INFIRM OF PURPOSE are set to ascend from the underground with the release of an explosive riffed-up cover of DAVE’s, Funky Friday – , out now via all streaming platforms.

INFIRM OF PURPOSE are a commanding creative movement from Derby in the Midlands. Offering a hybrid fusion that draws together cutting-edge post hardcore and electronica, INFIRM OF PURPOSE have amalgamated a truly breath-taking sound. Since their initial formation in 2015, the quintet have finely honed and crafted their set to a highly impressive level. In 2017, the band began to hit the live circuit and soon picked up an army of fans, aided by a slew of performances with Outline in Color, Our Hollow, Our Home, InVisions, Redeem, Revive, MC Devvo, Cabin Boy Jumped Ship, TheCityIsOurs, Scream Blue Murder, and more.

Drawing influence from modern day hip-hop music and contemporary metalcore, and with a strong affection for synths, the industrious quintet have many plans for the remainder of this year and 2020. The genre-bending crew will set loose a new EP later this winter, proceeded by two singles, the first of which is a blistering rap metalcore cover version of DAVE’s Funky Friday.  Matt Ashley (Guitarist) remarks about the single: “‘Funky Friday’ has the feel of a modern metalcore track with hints of new wave Hip-hop. It blends hard-hitting breakdowns with harsh screaming vocals, 808s and detuned synth samples. Produced by ourselves, this track was built from the ground up, taking a top 40 tune and adding our own spin.”

|| Infirm Of Purpose have released ‘Funky Friday’ –, out now via all platforms ||  ||   ||