Nashville’s rising rock duo Friendship Commanders has released a brand new single today called “HORRIFY” in the form of a captivating new music video, that’s viewable now at

“Despite how heavy this song might sound, this is actually one of the saddest pieces of music I’ve ever written. It came from a place of deep loneliness and hurt and confusion; getting loud about it helped me survive it. Singing the line, “If I were dying you could love me, but I’m living so you can’t” still guts me. It might for a while yet. If you’ve ever had parts of yourself weaponized against you, this song is for you. And also, I’m sorry that it happened to you. I know how it feels.” – Buick Audra
The new single is featured on the band’s forthcoming, 2nd full-length album, BILL, which was produced by the band and prolific studio legend Steve Albini. Fans can pre-order the record now, ahead of its October 5th release date.
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With the sonic assistance of Steve Albini, Friendship Commanders was able to capture the energy and intensity of their live show and document thirteen songs about human dynamics and relationships. BILL is about to trying to be a human and know other humans during inhumane times. Part of that is reckoning with one’s self, part of that is either accepting those around us or letting them go. And yet another part of that is making sure that we’re not just focusing on our own success and safety, but those of the community around us. It’s time for tolerance and service and hope, not destroying one another and ourselves.
Band members Buick and Jerry have been collaborating for five years, in which they’ve released one full length album, DAVE, and three EPs; their releases each partially benefit socially responsible organizations. Friendship Commanders have toured extensively and will do so again with the release of this second record on October 5th, 2018.

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