This April will see the arrival of the debut album by Wellington, New Zealand’s exciting and utterly spellbinding heavy powerhouse, End Boss.
Featuring the electrically ethereal talents of lead singer E.J. Thorpe, venerable Ghidoragh guitarists Greg Broadmore and Christian Pearce, and Beastwars’ percussive colossus Nathan Hickey, They Seek My Head is a tempest. A debut album which, from the first wailing guitar siren to final triumphant crescendo, heralds End Boss as a new authority in heavy music.
For the Kiwi four-piece, their debut has been a long-time coming. Having completed the album in-between lockdowns over a 10-month period, their lead single ‘Punished’ heralds everything you need to know about the band.
“The lyrics heavily deal with the struggles of the mind,” explains Thorpe. “I’m really interested in the psychological theory of the ‘shadow’ and how it influences us as individuals and a collective. The human brain is pretty messed up and the things we do to each other, and the planet reflects that. I guess you could say the ‘shadow’ is the End Boss and if we want to get off this trajectory of destruction, we have to heal ourselves.”
With Thorpe’s beautifully delivered vocals offering up intense lyrical pathos, and tectonic rhythms articulating the shaky isles of their homeland, listeners will be left astounded by the sludge and sorcery. It’s a monstrous offering from a newly spawned leviathan.

They Seek My Head will be released 8th April 2022 on Rough Peel Records
E.J. Thorpe – Vocals 
Greg Broadmore – Guitar 
Christian Pearce – Guitar 
Nathan Hickey – Drums


They Seek My Head (Album, Rough Peel Records) 2022
Heart of the Sky (EP, Self-Released) 2020
‘Feral’ (Digital Single, Self-Released) 2019


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Bandcamp –
Instagram –

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