Emerging Hertfordshire duo Dog Food have unveiled sparkling slacker rock single ‘Sinister Affair’ – listen here

Much like it’s namesake, the track is a sonic whirlwind, sweeping up elements of grunge, indie, pop and the aforementioned slacker rock sensibilities. Carnivalesque in its approach to merging genres, the pair are cultivating an eclectic melting pot of styles and sounds as they introduce themselves properly with this new single.

Elaborating on the track vocalist Brad Palmer explains, “‘Sinister Affair’ is an introduction to the more-shadowy corners of our sound. The freaky guitars, brooding vocals and paranoid lyrical themes all serve to depict the sobering realisation that a previously-worshipped darling isn’t who they appear to be at all. Conceived on a detuned Baritone guitar, the song borrows from the toil and trouble of The Wytches, Alice In Chains and Humbug-era Arctic Monkeys. While this stylistic left hook has the possibility to perturb fans of our previous single, it’s this sort of manic unpredictability that never fails to excite us as listeners.”

Dog Food is the moniker of Hertfordshire musicians Brad Palmer and Will Crane, and comes after the pair spent years playing together as a rhythm section for various bands until the pandemic of 2020 encouraged them to pursue their original material in a more serious manner. Kindred musical spirits, both write songs that are melodically memorable, harmonically interesting and rhythmically unpredictable. With some recording beginning as far back as 2015, the duo’s progression into young adulthood can be heard through their music: pounding drums full of teenage hubris underpin clinical guitar tracks recorded in uni studios, topped off with lyrical themes citing the existential dread of your twenties.

Entirely self-sufficient from production to visuals, Dog Food’s unconventional journey steers their sound from Dracula Rock to Indie Jacuzzi in the blink of an eye, making them an entirely unpredictable, yet thrilling, prospect for 2023.

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