Brighton 5-piece Indie-Punk Rockers ‘CREATURE CREATURE‘ have announced their debut album “Two Finger Tantrum” (out May 15th) with a nod to 80’s sci-fi movies in the feature video for single “VIDEO NASTY” out February 28th.

“The song takes its inspiration from the films which went on to become the video nasties of the 80’s but from my standpoint that people don’t turn bad because of the influence of tv, film and music. There has to be some demons present within them in one form or another for such entertainment to have a negative effect. I also threw in a few of the video nasty film titles into the lyrics, along with referencing a little of my own experience of renting videos when I was a child.” Says ‘CREATURE CREATURE‘ frontman Scully.

CREATURE CREATURE‘ have teamed up with Producer Tommy Gleeson (Feeder guitarist & Slaves To Gravity frontman) for “Two Finger Tantrum” which was recorded at the now famous “Brighton Electric Studios”.

For fans of: Royal Blood, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes.

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Check out the electrifying paranormal video for “VIDEO NASTY” here:



Scully – Vocals
Zeus – Guitars
Dave Cobley – Bass
Seb Cole – Keys
Matt Hill – Drums