Debt got you down? Let rough and lovable punks Blue Velvet solve your quarter-life crisis with their new single Wasted Youth; a keyboard led jam that will have you escaping down the coast to forget about your worries!

To celebrate the release of Wasted Youth, Blue Velvet are jumping in their caravan to hit up shows in Melbourne and Sydney with Turn South through August.

Wasted Youth was a cathartic writing experience for Blue Velvet letting the anxieties of growing up, or finally being grown, flow onto the page.

“I’m at a time in my life right now where I have this insane responsibility to determine the person I’m going to be for the rest of my life, and I’m terrified of getting trapped in a bubble of completely ignoring adulthood,” said vocalist, Sam Bauerweister.

It’s a feeling shared across the band, but each with their own uniquely Beach Boys tinged anxiety.

“I always seem to be walking towards my van, and my imagination wanders into those Beach Boys’esque scenes with road trips, and friends, and, you know, everyone doing the twist, but reality sets in and I’m just driving to work,” said drummer, Lewis Armstrong.

Wasted Youth, along with their previous single Stay Inside All Day, answers a question of style and evolution for the band, delivering a more matured sound from their previous releases.

“The song is also a reflection on the band, and where we’re going. We’re not the same people that we were last year, our attitudes on life and music have matured and there’s something so exciting about that,” said Bauerweister.

Despite the heavy themes of the song, Blue Velvet still knows how to have fun and that’s exactly what they did on this track.

“Wasted Youth was incredibly liberating to create, it felt like we were free to explore our musical tastes and write something we all enjoy,” said guitarist, Brendan Iredale.