Band Of The Day: The Laissez Fairs


Remember The Steppes? John Fallon (from The Steppes) is in this exciting new band with studio addict, Joe Lawless.

Think The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Bowie, The Kinks, Pink Floyd, T-Rex, The Monkees. Electric Acid Dandies for Neo-Edwardians throughout The Empire… invite them to your next SHINDIG!

Download includes: 2 ‘FREE’ song digital single.

The Laissez Fairs are set to unleash their most focused studio attack…”EMPIRE OF MARS“.  John Fallon and Joe Lawless have carefully crafted a most unique listening experience…the songwriting…the playing…the singing…and most certainly the production will hijack the listener to a better world…..a better trip…a better everything…you dig? For lovers of The Beatles….late ’60s Who, Stones, Kinks, Byrds, Pink Floyd……The Laissez Fairs have landed and are looking for action…beyond the studio…and on a stage near you!!!”

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