Big Baby was born in lockdown with a smile on its face and the determination to create cheering and original music at a time of global depression. Big Baby knew from the start that these were strange times and that new rules would have to apply. There were no festivals. And Big Baby loves festivals. So it set out to write new festival songs for the summer. Grand, melodic guitar pop that would have arms and banners raised aloft. If there had been a Glastonbury in 2020, Big Baby’s first single Shine On would have been a perfect festival anthem.

Big Baby acquired its name, it seems, because it was born with a love of old jokes. Like the one about the child who announces ‘”when I grow up I’m going to be a musician’, to which the mother replies ‘you can only do one or the other'”. Other questions on this bold and intriguingly enigmatic child are easier to ask than to answer. This is certainly not a band in a conventional sense, though it does include five key individuals scattered around the world. More could easily be added, for the idea is that anyone can be invited to join, and there will be none of the pressures that exist with conventional bands because “we’re trying to foresee the way bands are going to be in the future”. An utopian vision? All the best babies are born optimists.

As for the parentage, this is a trickier one. It’s known that babies respond well to music heard before they are born, and Big Baby has gloriously unexpected eclectic musical taste. Asked about favourite albums, Big Baby will tell you that it’s a fan of individual songs rather than individual artists, but if pressed, will admit to a love of everything from Stereolab and Daft Punk through to Yacht Rock, the sense of liberation that came with Acid House, and even Boz Scaggs “but just one song”. It won’t say which one.

Big Baby likes bright colours and has plans for a virtual festival that’s “open and happy and bright and gorgeous, to cheer people up”. And when live music does eventually return, Big Baby plans to be there with a “a big production”. A huge party with lots of people.” As a warm-up, it rather fancies the idea of playing on a rooftop in Saville Row, London, like the Beatles. Those listening on the street below couldn’t see the faces, but they could hear some great music.

And whoever they are, Big Baby are certainly great musicians and have written some great songs. All may eventually be revealed, but for the moment it’s those songs that matter.