Name Sayers bandleader, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Devin James Fry is to release enigmatic single ‘Purple Glue’ on 10th June from his forthcoming solo album ‘Retrellion’ out this Autumn on Old Faithful Records (Austin, TX).

“I’m split,” says Fry of the song. “By day I’m a surgical instrument sharpener; by night I do art. Purple Glue is me picturing what that looks like if we could extract it and bottle it. I imagine a thick, sticky, purple ooze. Disgusting, magnetic.”

The song itself glues together disparate sonic elements. Producer Grant Eppley (Spoon) rescued snatches of Fry’s vocal warm-ups from various unused takes to craft an otherworldly, auto-tuned gauze that immediately draws the listener in. Atmospheric sounds emanate from the ‘Jitter Getter’, an analogue horror sound FX generator Fry designed & built for the project, which also features prominently in the official video. Later in the song, a distorted Japanese Taishakoto provides an offbeat, electrifying solo.

If side A is glue, then B-side ‘No Hope’ is cement. This downtempo banger- Fry’s first outing as a beatmaker – features muscular verses from esoteric rapper and master circuit bender Otem Rellik, as well as harmonies on the hook from esteemed Denver vocalist Nat Tate.

Fry’s internal conflict is reflected in the angular, brooding tone of these tracks. His booming delivery – reminiscent of Nick Cave – is delicately accompanied by off-kilter synth lines and intricate drum patterns. He explores the duality of his life with as much irreverence as sorrow, inviting us all to reflect on and revel in our own inconsistencies.

As an early insight into the forthcoming album’s title ‘Retrellion’, Fry explains, “I ran across a sociological theory that people respond to breakdowns in societal norms (“anomie”) in 5 ways: conformism, innovation, ritualism, retreat, and rebellion. I wanted to see if I could find or invent a word that feels like both retreat and rebellion. Hence RETRELLION.”

We can’t wait, but in the meantime ‘Purple Glue’ / ‘No Hope’ is available to pre order now on lathe-cut vinyl from, and is available on all streaming services from 10th June.

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