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Back from the brink Brighton rockers attack “talent” shows

Soon to celebrate their 7 year anniversary, Brighton Pop Rockers ReVerbed have seen many an act form and make their way through TV talent shows. Echoing the lyrical content of their new single ‘Breathe In, Breathe Out’, “Don’t get me wrong I’m not bitter, I’m happy for the ones who made it there, who made it their own way…”, you can see the quartet tackle their own auditions in their new accompanying video.

Despite coming close to the point of quitting whilst recording their recently released EP, ‘Another Year, Still Here’, released on Friday, ReVerbed fight on. “We are still here, still strong and still loving what we do,” reflects Zoë Waugh, guitarist and co-vocalist of the Doncaster born group, who formed during their secondary school years. ReVerbed – completed by guitarist and co-vocalist George Donoghue, drummer Josh and bassist Joe –  have managed what most high school bands don’t – to stay together, through college, University, jobs, MySpace… : “We’ve been together through thick and thin,” says Zoë, “We started in our small hometown in the Yorkshire scene, and then began touring the UK when we were all about 16 – our work ethic is really important to us.”

The appropriately titled Another Year, Still Here, sees the self proclaimed ‘road dogs’ going back to their roots, drawing on the likes of Jimmy Eat World and Taking Back Sunday for inspiration. Positively bursting with pop rock sass, the dual vocal interplay of Zoë and fellow guitarist and co-vocalist Donoghue snap, crackle and popping across ridged guitar riffs and hooky refrains. “This release was the product of a 12 track album we recorded, but we decided these four songs were the best moments and to just focus on releasing these,”explains Zoë.  “The themes cover the band’s near demise and our honest feelings towards it, as well as the hope that it’s all going to be ok, no matter what we go through and we can get through this together.”


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