It can’t be an easy decision for an artist to bare themselves in the lyrics. Far better, probably, to hide behind the glam rock of the 80s that sold a dream?

I’ve done it a few times, spoken about battles with depression, and a few other personal things in reviews and you press publish. Then you panic. Then it’s quite cathartic.

I imagine that’s how Alyssa Bonagura is feeling right now. These five songs are more than the most personal she’s ever done. They feel like her diary entries.

A five song, 17 minute document about falling in love with a Brit and moving here. It begins with the title track, a sweet pop song, about “taking a leap of faith” then it moves on.

The funky pop rocker “Jealous”, is the first flush of love (I’d like to say I remember but its been a long time, see Alyssa, I can reveal stuff too…..) “FOMO” sees the doubts creep in, over a piano lilt, and then there’s “One Kiss”. It begins at a Coldplay concert, and he’s gone home. Now, I don’t love anyone enough to go and watch Coldplay, but I bought a Happy Mondays record to impress a girl in the 90s and saw The Specials a lot more recently than that, so we all have our crosses to bear.

The story continues (it’s not complete yet, not by a long shot) with the gorgeous acoustic tune “Know You Better” and its warmth, it’s skill and it’s universality shine.

And OK, I’ve had some fun with this, and I am the least romantic person on planet Earth, but whatever, Alyssa Bonagura has a wonderful voice, writes fine songs, and moreover, and EP this courageous deserves praise together with our very best for the future.

Rating 8/10

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