ADRENECHROME – Tales From The Adrenechrome (2015)


Canadians who couldn’t give a toss about the rule book

Look, we love bands like AC/DC and Thin Lizzy round here. And good god Iron Maiden are the kings, but you know what it is about bands like that? You can tell one of their songs a mile off.

Sometimes it’s nice to have an outfit come along who takes the rules of what metal is supposed to be and goes “yeah but, why? Why can’t it do this?” And when someone else says “because” they do it anyway.

On that basis, allow us to welcome Adrenechrome. Because Adrenechrome are that band everyone.

It’s like this: on the bio that came with the cd, it said “for fans of Baroness, Mastodon and Red Fang.” And ok we get that, we can even just about see that, but the fact is, if the bio was actually being truthful about what was contained in this quite magnificent seven tracks of sonic madness, it’d have to say this: “Canadian outfit who borrow gleefully and wilfully from everything ever in rock history and make it sound like their own just for kicks.”

Because during its time with us it has a kind of instrumental overture – “A Familiar Face – it has the most grandiose, overblown thing you can imagine (think of a turbocharged metal national anthem) – “The Heart And The Feather” – it also comes on like Cancer Bats on “Lockstep” and its been monolithic doomy metal on “God Sized Shadow”.

In short, it’s not your normal record. And then, every so often it does different things in songs too, like add a Maiden-type gallop, or a crushing end section, and don’t even consider deciphering the lyrics, because no one knows what Chris Friesen is talking about. Maybe not even him.

Take the end of the album. The Led Elephant, does posses a latter day Mastodon type feel to start with, then it has a go at screeching heavy metal. It quickly bores of that, and becomes genuinely full of menace and eventually settles into a type of twin guitar groove and adds a “whoah, whoah” type of hook.

“Tales From The Adrenechrome” is glorious. Wilfully schizophrenic, it’s the work of a band that clearly has a ridiculous amount of ideas and, you’d assume, a large record collection. Even they don’t know how to describe themselves. Their Facebook bio merely says “that awesome, melt your face kind of metal.”

It’ll do, but it doesn’t get close.

So for once let’s keep it simple where this band are concerned: buy this. Listen to it, but whatever you do, don’t ignore it.

Rating 9/10

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