Downes Braide Association (DBA) announce the release of the second single and video Keep On Moving from their long-awaited new album Celestial Songs (released on 8th September). Following their previous critically acclaimed studio albums, Celestial Songs will be the fifth DBA studio collaboration for Geoff Downes (keyboards) and multi award-winning songwriter Chris Braide (vocals). The album will be released in 3 formats:  CD, 2LP and Box Set.

Watch the video for Keep On Moving here: https://youtu.be/dEV_fIvDSpI

Keep On Moving is an uplifting track that picks up on the themes of DBA’s previous album, Halcyon Hymns, as songwriter and vocalist Chris Braide explains: “It’s a nostalgic song in that it’s looking back at a kind of formative period in time, a love letter to the past, really. There’s a reference to Prefab Sprout’s ‘Cars and Girls’ which is one of my favourite songs.”

The mood for Keep On Moving is set by Francis Dunnery’s sensitive guitar work before multi-instrumentalist Dave Bainbridge (guitarist for the remainder of the album) shows his prowess on keyboards.

“The track has a great guitar riff,” says Chris, “and an arpeggio guitar picking out the riff, played by Francis. It gives it that kind of shimmery, summery feeling and the keyboard solo is wonderful. Dave Bainbridge played that solo and, I think, it’s one of the finest moments on the album.”

While Keep On Moving forms a bridge of continuity to DBA’s previous output, Celestial Songs includes a lot of variety and, generally, leans more towards classic rock.

“We wanted to deliver a wider variety of aural dimensions on this album.  Diversity makes for a more interesting listen says keyboardist Geoff Downes.   We placed a strong emphasis on our instrumentation and the level of musicianship is exceptional.  I really hope that comes across on the album.     This track has a light, pastoral feel to it which is contrast to some of the other, bolder moments on the album.  It’s important to recognise when quietness, simplicity and a lighter touch are most appropriate.  Those small moments can be just as powerful as full-on, orchestral passages.”

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