Absenta Is Here – Sort Of


ABSENTA’s album titled “Eel”,will be out during February 2016; the cover art was made by  Procesonegro Art Studio (Facebook) which are designed all the CD artwork. This new album from the Spanish band, have been recorded at Mart Estudios (facebook) in Córdoba (Spain) by Manuel Martínez (ESTIRPE).

The complete track list  from “Eel” is:

  1. You left me dry
  2. Burying another part of our soul
  3. Howls under growing oceans
  4. Erasing the traces of an ungrateful coward
  5. Eel
  6. Requiem for a stream
  7. Darkened blood

While we’re waiting for the release, we present you the complete first track from this album,  entitled “You left me dry”.

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