Reissue for 2007 record

Italian band DISPHERE will reissue their debut album “Abscience”.  The lead track “Inborn” has just been made available for streaming and more will be unleashed soon on official channels by Rude Awakening Records.

It features new cover  artwork illustrated by Abomination Imagery Studio (Infernaeon, Sinister, Spawn Of Possession, etc.).
“Abscience” tracklist follows the same order as 2007 self-production:


  1. Inborn
  2. Hydro.Mental.Carnage
  3. Cold, Still Beating
  4. To Walk The Earthquake
  5. Infecting Skies With Mortality
  6. Abscience
  7. The Unholy Cult Of Nothingness
  8. Desert Of Devourment

Release date is set for the second half of November, 300 hand-numbered CDs by Rude Awakening Records.