Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of ‘Desert Rose’, a covers EP from Chaos Magic, the Chilean band fronted by vocalist Caterina Nix. Containing covers of songs by Sting, Bruce Dickinson, Faith No More and Duran Duran, the EP follows the band’s well received 2019 ‘Furyborn’ album. After the excellent response to that record from media and fans alike, both artist and label wanted to present another side to Caterina’s ability. Ideas for cover versions were discussed, resulting in this outstanding new EP.

TRACKLISTING (plus original artist)
1  Desert Rose feat. Zaher Zorgati of Myrath + Mike Terrana (Sting)
2  Accident Of Birth (Bruce Dickinson)
3  Ashes To Ashes (Faith No More)
4  Ordinary World (Duran Duran)

Caterina says of each song:

1  Desert Rose – I have always been mesmerised by this song, I love the vibe and the combination of styles. It was so well constructed by Sting and I have been thinking for years that a rock/metal version would sound so ideal. When I was asked to do this EP, it was my first choice. But it needed Zaher’s voice. For me, there was no one else! It wouldn’t have been complete without his beautiful performance. In addition, drummer extraordinaire Mike Terrana granted his talent and magic touch to this song, which turned out to be a dream come true for me.

2  Accident of Birth – When I started listening to metal music, one of the singers I admired the most was Bruce Dickinson. I would sing along to Iron Maiden’s tunes and just try to learn and internalise his technique and interpretation. The album ‘Accident of Birth’ also marks a particular stage in my life that I hold very dear. I wanted to take the title song and just make it my own as a tribute to the years the record accompanied me.

3  Ashes to Ashes – This song is so timeless and attractive, there’s a special enchantment about it that never dies. In addition, Mike Patton is another one of my favourite singers ever. The whole concept of Faith No More is eclectic, irreverent yet technically impeccable. We made a change of rhythm to the iconic riff that made sense to me, to give it a personal modern twist. I hope I’m doing it justice.

4  Ordinary World – I´m sure many of us hold one or many of Duran Duran’s songs in a special place in our hearts…I know I do. We chose this song knowing it has been covered before, but we made a very special symphonic metal version, combining vulnerability and power.

Chaos Magic is a melodic metal act with symphonic touches, masterminded by Chilean singer Caterina Nix. Their second album, ‘Furyborn’, was released in June 2019 and is an impeccable release that achieved excellent notices. The band line-up is completed by producer Nasson on guitars, vocals, piano, keyboards and bass, guitarist Mario Torres and drummer Carlos Hernandez.

Songs from ‘Furyborn’ can be heard here:
‘Like Never Before’ (video) youtu.be/3fh8BGBaAnI
‘Furyborn’ feat. Tom Englund (lyric video) youtu.be/4uV9Mxgn5J8
‘I’m Your Cancer’ (video) youtu.be/LQ8sl6l3dlY
‘I’d Give It All’ – acoustic version (video) youtu.be/n076_PG1LSk


new covers EP
out 08.05.20

stream or download here

includes the title song

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