About 18 months ago, I had the chance to witness King Herd’s electrifying performance as they opened for Reef in their hometown of Birmingham. At that time, I penned down my thoughts: “Thick riffs, hard rock, hooks, and a smile on the face just about sums it up. Dave Taylor reckons they’ve got a new record out and ‘have chosen seven of the best for you.’ ‘Closer To The End’ perhaps exemplifies the best of them, ‘Halo’ repeats the dose, and they’ve got one that slows the pace, but in honesty what suits them better is work like ‘Remedy’ that is proper hard rock, without the cliché and done right. When they woke up this morning and dreamed of what would happen at their big night, it couldn’t have gone much better than this. and they’ve now released their new album, simply titled “King Herd.” Interestingly, my initial impressions seem to align with this latest offering.

“Halo” kicks off the album with big, thick riffs that immediately establish a modern hard rock sound. It’s a track that demands attention, with a stadium-ready chorus that could easily rival some of the genre’s heavyweights. If you’re not reminded of Stone Broken when you hear this, you might not be listening closely enough.

“Close To The End” exudes a swagger that hints at a band poised for bigger stages. The track’s confidence and energy could easily see them playing in arenas alongside bands like Alter Bridge. King Herd’s sound is undeniably powerful and captivating.

“Remedy” is a fuzzy, energetic track that showcases the band’s commitment to authentic hard rock, free from clichés and delivered with a raw intensity that suggests they’re here for the long haul. It’s a refreshing departure from the mainstream.

“The Same” thrives on its massive chorus and a bass groove that’s as bold as it is infectious. It’s clear that King Herd knows how to craft hooks that stick with you long after the music stops.

“Somebody Else” takes a different route; where another band might opt for a ballad, King Herd infuses it with a fiery lead guitar, giving the track an edge that sets them apart.

“Save Me” starts with a nod to Alice in Chains, but soon evolves into a section designed for the live arena, demonstrating their versatility in seamlessly shifting between different rock sub-genres.

“Medicine” follows a similar pattern, showcasing their mastery of this style. The band’s ability to deliver these hard-hitting, emotionally charged tracks is truly remarkable.

“Like It Used To Be” leans towards ballad territory but transforms into a slow-building classic rocker that’s destined to become a fan favorite.

“Another War” channels the spirit of artists like Wolf Van Halen, delivering confident and classy rock that further establishes King Herd’s prowess in the genre.

“One One” introduces acoustic elements, but it’s a reminder that this isn’t that kind of album, and King Herd isn’t that kind of band. Their strength lies in their powerful, electric performances.

In “King Herd,” it’s evident that stars are born. The album is a majestic display of hard rock mastery that firmly places them ahead of the chasing pack.

Rating 8.5/10

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