Nanarchy has swept the nation with Nanarchists going to extreme lengths to spread kindness; knitting and crocheting their way through the pandemic in a bid to help the arts. Armed only with a shopping basket overflowing with yarn, sets of crochet hooks and knitting needles, they have gone forth to set the world to rights, to bring joy to the lives of the downtrodden and to fight injustice, alongside drinking cups of tea and eating biscuits.

The ninja knitters, who all have their own code names and are dubbed as “yarn based Banksys in pop socks” have teamed up with positive future punks Never Not Nothing, to create knitted riot shields using the band’s ‘Absolute’ symbol (a fusion of Yin Yang and a smiley face) from their Art Ritual series. The juxtaposition riot shields will be auctioned off, with smaller versions of the symbol available to buy, all in a bid to raise money for Active Arts, a Hastings based creative charity for adults with learning disabilities is in danger of being shut down if they don’t receive financial help and donations soon.

Never Not Nothing and the Nanarchists have also recruited students from Active Arts to help produce a music video to celebrate the partnership. The video features the students playing instruments alongside their drawing’s of NNN’s ‘Absolute’ symbol with a sneaky appearance from the Nanarchists. To watch the video, click here.

Never Not Nothing’s frontman Space said “As a band, we want to celebrate those fantastically altruistic humans that run small community-based charities like Active Arts. With limited, and often no funding, it is at times like these we risk losing these vital safe-havens. We have teamed up with a group of likeminded creatives to help raise awareness and funds for this cause. I am you, and you are me, and we are Nanarchy x”

Head Nanarchist, Nanna One said  “Nanarchy is a way of life, an ethos, a code to live life by.  A belief that life is good, but yarn makes it better. Life can, with the correct set of tools, be a wonderful place for all. When knitting life will be whole. Nanarchists believe in the performing arts. Nanarchists believe knitting should be on prescription.”

Originally known as RX Scrubs, The Nanarchists spent much of 2020 making scrubs for healthcare workers who were battling with the COVI19 crisis in the UK. The group, who normally work in the performing arts industry making costumes for film, TV and theatre, began making the clothes in a bid to address the national shortage of protective clothing. Their work is never done.

Art Ritual is a series concept from Never Not Nothing, born out of the necessity for the duo to deal with and process the existential dread posed by the current state of humanity, and call for change. They want to use art (in all mediums) as a tool to take back control from oppression, to sacrifice pre-pandemic ideals for a more empathic and sustainable future. ‘Art Ritual 001 EP’ will be incoming soon. Speaking further the band say “Art Rituals are a subversive act of independence, craft ceremonies that gave us a way to regain some semblance of control and perspective for our environment. The ability to create, to manifest positive change through music, and to dream up our very own Niceage, all stopped us from losing our minds to the ether.” Keep an eye out for more to come from the series.



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