D.A.M Have A Premonition


Brazilian deathsters release a new one 

Brazilian Melodic Death Metal band D.A.M released an all new EP titled “Premonitions…” on March 18th.

Since emerging in the Belo Horizonte area of Brazil, South America in 2013, D.A.M has been a very productive band. Having released 2 full length albums and 2 EPs prior to this new EP that brings a colder and depressive atmosphere to the band’s identity.
Showcasing enriched and extremely complex song structures and passages to incorporate a more progressive side with occultism & the dark side of the mind as a guide in their thematic.
The D.A.M “Premonitions…” EP is available now as a free download here.
A physical release of the EP is expected at sometime in the future.

D.A.M - Premonitions... cover art_zpstneau1dg

01. Premonitions… (Under the Tree of Regrets) -10:14-

02. The Cage (Breaking the Paradigms) -07:53-
03. Untouchable (My Past Mistakes…) -04:39-
04. Anorexic Dysphoria (An Elegy for the Brainless) -04:51-
05. Changing the Directions (Unresolved) -06:03-

06. Frustration (Imprisoned Dreams) -05:46-

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