The Law (Zardonic Remix) – Reach as you’ve never heard them before!

alt-rock band Reach serving adrenaline rush with their new drum’n bass infused single accompanied by arty music video featuring prima ballerina of the Royal Swedish Opera.

Alternative rock band Reach  is defined by strong melodies and imaginative song-writing. Reach are always developing their sound, keen to remain ahead of the curve with songs that are both exciting and unique. The Swedish power trio has always let an experimentally adventurous spirit decide what rooms the band and their art exists in and float between. This curiosity and boldness has now led them to serve a next level adrenaline rush with their new drum’n bass infused release, accompanied by an arty music video featuring prima ballerina of the Royal Swedish Opera.

The Law was originally released in 2020, accompanied by a blood-soaked, beautifully nightmare-like music video in bright magenta tones. The energetic and pulsating original single, whose drive made it a given element in training and sports contexts, including as an anthem of the American football scene across Sweden. The new remix has still managed to take the adrenaline and pulse to a whole new level and the accompanying video art is equally spectacular to say the least, featuring the award winning high profile dancer Oscar Salomonsson, prima ballerina of the Royal Swedish Opera where he’s been employed since 1997 and performing as the prima ballerina for almost a decade.

Behind creating the video is music video virtuous and award winning documentary film maker Claudio Marino (Ghost, Priest, Tribulation, MCC, Behemoth). Talking about the music video, Claudio says: ” I know nothing about ballet so, as soon as I got the idea for this video cleared, I started asking around for dancers. An old friend told me about this guy called Oscar Salomonsson, so I asked for a meeting. After a coffee, he agreed to take part in the video. On my way back to the office I took the subway, and when standing there, I realized it was his face that was plastered all over the station. And not only that, it was for the Royal Opera, nonetheless. So when my friend said, “he is one of the best dancers in Sweden”, he did not exaggerate.”

The adrenaline-pumping drum’n bass remix of The Law is created by the musical genre outlaw and energy-visionary Zardonic (Bullet for my Valentine, Smash into Pieces). Whilst drum’n bass and metal have evolved along completely different historical trajectories and draw distinct crowds to unrelated events, they share a stylistic rooting in raw, unadulterated energy and an unabashed tendency to reside on the fringes. Neither are mainstream, both make you want to move and the inherit message is one of creative expression without boundaries or limits. It’s this rejection of boundaries which defines Zardonic and his mission to stir the sonic melting pot and cultivate a sound that resonates with music fans who worship energy above all else is manifested in this new remix.

The new REACH album, ‘The Promise of a Life’, is the end result of a trio that approach their art with no holds barred, anything goes in the pursuit of the perfect song. Their new album is released this spring via Icons Creating Evil Art.

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